Effective collaboration and coordination engaging the whole community is an essential part of successful outcomes during times of emergencies and disasters.  Collaboration and coordination sets the stage for information sharing and strong communications especially among policy-makers and is the foundation for local governments ability to achieve its mission as a service provider.

  • Collaboration – occurs when different agencies and departments produce an outcome by combining efforts, sharing in ownership, exchanging information and sharing resources with joint-decision-making
  • Coordination – occurs when different agencies and departments accomplish their individual missions in harmony with each other

Collaboration and coordination is: critical prior to, throughout the response, and following any disaster.

  • Prior to – joint training and exercising leads to a more effective, coordinated response
  • Throughout the response – establishing a unified command structure ensures quick integration of each agencies mission objectives resources
  • Following – joint debriefs and after-action reviews ensures collective improvements

Before any disaster strikes your community, make sure partnerships and individual networks are established and maintained on a daily basis. Visit the following links for more information.